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Our Story

High Point Treatment Center was incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in July 1996 with the purpose of purchasing the assets of High Point, a privately owned substance abuse treated facility in Plymouth, Massachusetts. In August 1997, High Point Treatment Center was successful in purchasing the Plymouth facility and began operating a substance abuse detox and rehabilitation program, as well as a small Outpatient clinic in New Bedford.

In 2002, High Point Treatment Center created a parent organization called the Southeast Regional Network, which then affiliated with NeBCOA, the oldest substance abuse agency (incorporated in 1971) in New Bedford. It provides short and long-term residential services in New Bedford.

Our Mission & Vision

High Point Treatment Center’s (HPTC) mission is to prevent and treat chemical dependency and provide therapeutic services for mental health issues. Our goal is to help an individual achieve personal change and accept responsibility toward an improved quality of life.

HPTC is accomplishing its mission by:

  • Offering a full continuum of care for addictive disorders, which would successfully transition the patient back into the community
  • Being a leader in the prevention and education for chemical dependency and related issues
  • Being a major community resource

HPTC is also recognized for:

  • The conscientious utilization of community resources
  • Being culturally and ethnically diversified
  • Improving its quality of services offered through outcome studies and ongoing research
  • Providing an atmosphere which encourages professional growth and recognizes the individual as possessing his/her own unique skills

Our Corporate Values:

  • RESPECT: To recognize the worth, quality, diversity and importance of each other, people we serve and the company
  • COMPASSION: To care about others and respect their feelings
  • INTEGRITY: Honesty, forthrightness, and meeting the highest ethical standards
  • EFFICIENCY: Meeting society’s expectations and our own, a responsibility to be prudent with our resources
  • EXCELLENCE: Working together to be the very best in everything we do

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