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Community Services

High Point offers community based services throughout Southeastern Massachusetts.

Community Based Services

High Point provides a range of community services including:


  • Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI)
  • Community Support Program (CSP)
  • The Brockton Mayors Opioid Overdose Prevention Program

Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI)

Serving families and youth (up to age 21).

CBHI services provide individualized, intensive therapy and support to youth and their families.  CBHI connects families struggling with mental health and substance use to community resources, enabling them to work towards self-sufficiency.  CBHI has two separate services which can be provided:

  • In-Home Therapy (IHT) is a team-based approach comprised of a Master’s level or licensed clinician and paraprofessional therapeutic training and support staff working together with identified youth and their family to strengthen relationships, improve communication, learn to resolve conflicts, and develop healthy routines.

  • Therapeutic Mentoring (TM) is a 1:1 service between a paraprofessional staff member and the identified youth, working together to develop and improve the youth’s coping skills, social skills, life skills, and communication skills.  They work in conjunction with other providers, i.e. outpatient and in-home therapists, to coordinate care. 


To make a referral to one of High Point’s Outpatient programs please call the intake coordinator.

Our Central Admissions Department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We serve Southeastern MA.

Call: 774-213-8340

Community Support Program (CSP)

Providing support to individuals in recovery, so they can remain in their communities.

Healthy recovery continues with CSP’s assistance.Remain substance-free, avoid inpatient stays, get support with behavioral health & medical issues. CSP was created to provide additional support to people as they work on their recovery within their communities.Often, clients who have been in an addiction treatment or Section 35 facility and are transitioning back into their communities benefit from extra support.

CSP coordinators help clients by:

  • Connecting them to a primary care physician if they do not have one
  • Coordinating transportation to appointments: counseling, doctor, dentist, housing, court, etc.
  • Supporting clients as they connect to self-help and other support-like groups within the recovery network
  • Connecting them to needed services: financial, employment, family support, etc.

What regions does High Point CSP cover?

  • Boston area
  • Brockton-Taunton area
  • New Bedford-Fall River area
  • Weymouth-Quincy area

Call 1-800-734-3444


Brockton Area Prevention Collaborative

Substance abuse affects everyone. We creatively look at places where change can be made and be effective. The Collaborative is focused on education, training, and outreach for active consumers, bystanders, and healthcare providers.

The objective of the Brockton Area Prevention Collaborative is to provide primary, secondary and tertiary prevention resources including education, awareness and support to the communities that we serve. High Point Treatment Center’s Prevention Services staff provides technical assistance to volunteers across twelve sectors in addition to promoting advocacy and working effortlessly to reduce the stigma associated with substance use disorders.

Brockton Area Prevention Collaborative

Phone: 508-742-4405



High Point Affiliates



Southeast Massachusetts Council on Advocacy

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